Snap Caps, with Single Thumb Tab, Globe Scientific

Supplier: Globe Scientific
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10040-024PK 44.51 USD
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Snap Caps, with Single Thumb Tab, Globe Scientific
Closures Test/Sample Tube Closures
These colorful snap-on closures are an effective way to recap blood drawing tubes, glass test tubes, and plastic culture tubes

  • Low density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Assorted colors available
  • Fits both glass and plastic tubes

Each cap is precision molded from low-density polyethylene, and maintains a tight seal during centrifugation, agitation, and refrigeration procedures. They are available in bright attractive colors for sample identification purposes. The caps feature a single thumb tab for easy removal of the cap. This feature also allows the tubes to be stacked closer in racks when compared to double thumb tab caps.
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