Media Disruptor Genie, Electron Microscopy Sciences

Supplier: Electron Microscopy Sciences
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Media Disruptor Genie, Electron Microscopy Sciences
Homogenizers Ultrasonic Cell Disruptors
  • Rapid hands-free disruption of up to 12 microtubes (1.5 ml or 2.0 ml) at one time
  • Unique agitation, vortexing, and collision actions for cell disruption and sample resuspension
  • Maintain operating speed for up to 15 minutes or continuous operation, even in cold rooms
  • Supplied pop-up cup easily attaches for use as a standard single-tube vortex mixer
  • Ideal for glass bead procedures using Disruptor Beads
  • Less costly than ultrasonic units or homogenizes
  • Spherecal lead-free soda lime glass disruptor beads are available in two sizes
  • Beads can be used for disruption of yeast, bacteria, and other samples
  • Beads can be used in combination with Disruptor Genie or TurboMix™ attachments for Vortex-Genie™ 2, Vortec-Genie™ 2T or Digital Vortex-Genie™ 2
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