COD Standard Solutions, CRM traceable to SRM from NIST

Supplier: MilliporeSigma
1.25034.0100 1.25034.0100 1.25030.0100 1.25033.0100 1.25031.0100 1.25028.0100 1.25029.0100 1.25030.0100 1.25033.0100 1.25032.0100 1.25031.0100 1.25035.0100 1.25035.0100 1.25028.0100 1.25032.0100 1.25029.0100
EM1.25030.0100CS 4643.77 USD
CA1.25034.0100 CA1.25031.0100 EM1.25030.0100 CA1.25030.0100 CA1.25035.0100 CA1.25029.0100 EM1.25028.0100 CA1.25032.0100 EM1.25033.0100 EM1.25035.0100 CA1.25033.0100 EM1.25031.0100 EM1.25034.0100 EM1.25032.0100 CA1.25028.0100 EM1.25029.0100
COD Standard Solutions, CRM traceable to SRM from NIST
Standards Environmental Analysis Standards
  • Diluted standard solutions that are ready-to-use for accurate measurements
  • Traceable to SRM from NIST
  • Full certificates of analysis with comprehensive quality documentation
  • Information on concentration and expanded measurement uncertainty
  • Save time and minimize errors
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