Scale-Up Series™ Jacketed Bench Top Reactor Base System, Ace Glass

Supplier: Ace Glass

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Scale-Up Series™ Jacketed Bench Top Reactor Base System, Ace Glass
Reaction Vessels Reaction Vessels, Flask Shape
Ace Glass Scale-Up Series™ reactors were born from the idea that a simple yet versatile mixing platform could assist in the scale-up process across multiple laboratory disciplines

Ace Glass Scale-Up Series™ Jacketed Bench Top Reactor Base System includes the essential items needed to begin building a customized reactor specific for each application. Reactor base systems are available in volumes from 100 to 6000mL. Base systems include: Flask, Rod-Mounted Swing Latch Clamp, Duran® Clamp, CAPFE O-Ring, Rod-Mounted Vessel Support Ring, FVMQ KF/NW Flange Gaskets, KF/NW Clamps, KF/NW SS Adapters, and Protean Fusion Reactor Stand.

The 100 to 2000 mL reactor systems are supplied with 16.5x21.75x38" stand. The 3000 to 6000mL reactor systems are supplied with 16.5x21.75x48" stand. All stainless Steel KF/NW adapters terminate in M16x1 male. Wetted surfaces are borosilicate glass and PTFE. Working temperature range is –60 to 200°C (–76 to 392°F). Working pressure range is Atmosphere to 0Torr. Maximum jacket pressure is 5PSIG. Motor mount accommodates up to 5/8"O.D. mounting rod. For safety, it is recommened that a pressure relief manifold be used on jacketed reactors.

In order to accommodate a universal audience, Ace Glass has created "Customize Your Own Reactor"; a simplified selection system featuring a broad range of reactor sizes and accessories from which to choose.
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