NEBNEXT® End Repair Module, New England Biolabs

Supplier: New England Biolabs
E6050L E6050L E6050S E6050S
101640-832EA 381.3 USD
CA101640-834 101640-832 CA101640-832 101640-834
NEBNEXT® End Repair Module, New England Biolabs
Nucleic Acid Reagents Next Generation Sequencing Reagents
The NEBNext® End Repair Module has been optimized to repair DNA fragmented by nebulization, acoustic shearing, or nucleases

Fragmented DNA is converted by the NEBNext End Repair Module to blunt ended DNA having 5´-phosphates and 3´-hydroxyl. The NEBNext End Repair Module is provided as a master mix to maximize efficiency and convenience in DNA sample preparation workflows.
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