Accessories for VACUUBRAND® Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Brand

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Accessories for VACUUBRAND® Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Brand
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Help protect your vacuum pump and laboratory environment with these accessories for VACUUBRAND® rotary vane and Chemistry-HYBRID vacuum pumps

Inlet Catchpot/Separator AK; inlet catchpots help protect the pump from condensate droplets and particles. Wetted materials are PMP and aluminum.

Oil Mist Filter FO; oil mist filter helps preserve the lab atmosphere by capturing oil mist generated at the outlet of a rotary vane pump and depositing it into a catchpot. These highly efficient filters allow for easy draining of captured oil, and have an integrated pressure relief valve in case of filter blockage. Wetted materials are Aluminum, PMP and fiberglass epoxy.

Hose Flanges; premium quality machined aluminum flanges with hose barbs or nipples for adapting VACUUBRAND® and other vacuum pumps to tubing.

Catchpots and oil mist filters are designed to integrate neatly with VACUUBRAND® for best performance and aesthetics.
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