SP Bel-Art Lab Companion™ Round Vacuum Desiccators, Bel-Art Products, a part of SP

Supplier: Bel-Art
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SP Bel-Art Lab Companion™ Round Vacuum Desiccators, Bel-Art Products, a part of SP
Desiccators Desiccators, Plastic
These high-quality vacuum desiccators stay gastight allowing reliable dry storage or experiments over extended periods.

  • Transparent polycarbonate construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Chemically resistant
  • Amber-tinted models protect light-sensitive samples

Able to maintain 29in.-Hg vacuum for over 72 hours at room temperature, they provide vacuum integrity resulting in lower maintenance and greater peace of mind

Amber-tinted UV-blocking models block 100% of UVA, B, and C light to minimize damages or discoloration of light-sensitive samples.

Constructed of transparent polycarbonate, these desiccators are durable, easy-to-clean, chemical-resistant, and allow quick visualization of the desiccator contents. A locking ring secures top and bottom halves when vacuum not in use and provides additional convenience and safety when moving the unit.

A Viton® 3-way valve offers consistent and uniform vacuum draw, vacuum release, or gas exchange. Vacuum level checking is simplified with a built-in analog vacuum gauge at the top of the unit. A high-quality silicone O-ring and specially designed locking ring allow outstanding vacuum capability with virtually no leakage.

Información para pedidos: Desiccant tray is included (desiccants sold separately). Use with any vacuum with free air capacity of 1.5 cubic feet per minute (CFM) ft or greater. Six models to choose from; 6, 10, and 20 liter internal volume in clear or UV-blocking amber.
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