SensoPlate™ Plus 96-Well Glass Bottom Microplate, Greiner Bio-One

SensoPlate™ Plus
30618-030CS 770.91 USD
SensoPlate™ Plus 96-Well Glass Bottom Microplate, Greiner Bio-One
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The SensoPlate™ Plus glass bottom microplate is designed for FCS and demanding microscopic applications.

  • Black polystyrene frame
  • Flat edge facilitates automatic filling
  • Glue is resistant to DMSO
  • High optical clarity of glass
  • Microplate geometry permits full utilization of all wells

Like the classic SensoPlate™ models from Greiner Bio-One, the SensoPlate™ Plus glass bottom plate consists of a black frame upon which a 175μm thick borosilicate glass bottom plate is glued

Due to the recessed high optical quality glass bottom, the SensoPlate™ Plus microplate is especially recommended for use in fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) and related confocal methods. The optimized microplate geometry of SensoPlate™ Plus permits complete utilization of all wells, even for measurements with immersion objectives.

Sensoplate™ Plus microplates are supplied sterile, with a tissue culture surface treatement. All microplates are supplied with lid. Designed for single use only.

Not only is the glue used resistant to DMSO and 70% ethanol, it is also compatible with cell culture media and has a very low intrinsic fluorescence.
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