VWR® Stereo Basic Halogen 2x–4x Microscope

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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89404-492EA 642.48 USD
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VWR® Stereo Basic Halogen 2x–4x Microscope
The VWR® Stereo Basic Halogen 2X–4X Microscope is designed for use in electronics inspection, education, and life science applications.

  • Binocular stereo microscope head
  • Widefield eyepieces
  • Transmitted illumination

The VWR® Stereo Basic Halogen 2X–4X Microscope features a 45° binocular stereo microscope head, widefield eyepieces 10X/F.N. 20, turret objective magnification of 2X–4X, 12V/10W intensity-controlled halogen incident, and transmitted illumination. Main power supply is 100V–240V.

Información para pedidos: Microscope is supplied with all accessories listed above. The microscope is supplied with a one-year warranty on electrical parts, and a five-year warranty on mechanical parts and optics.
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