Combination Heating Mantle, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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Combination Heating Mantle, Ace Glass Incorporated
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The lower profile, safer, multi-place Combo Mantle allows the user to easily replace an element in a matter of minutes, should that element fail

Mantles are available as a six-place unit for 100–300mL flasks, or a three-place unit for 500–1000mL flasks. The clear, anodized aluminum cabinet has a black PTFE-coated stainless steel top and comes complete with a glassware superstructure consisting of two upright rods, two horizontal rods, and four double-sided, open faced clamps. The six-place mantle features six spring-type glassware clamps, and the three-place model features three.

A choice of two 3-place controllers are available; a percentage-timer version that pulses full-line voltage to each position according to dial setting, or a proportional voltage version that supplies a constant, steady-state voltage to each position. Controllers are supplied with 1.8m (6') multi-conductor interconnect cord to mantle and one 1.2m (4') long, three-wire power cord with grounding plug.

Note: The six-place mantle uses two 3-place controllers.

By unscrewing two captive screws and lowering the front panel of the cabinet, the disposable element containers can be replaced by detaching the two lead wires and sliding the containers out. A new unit can be installed by reversing the procedure. These elements act as spill containment chambers so a spill does not damage other parts of mantle.

Información para pedidos: Select appropriate mantle based upon desired flask size/type and power needed, then select type and number of required controller(s)
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