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Competent cells are those that have had their cell walls altered to render it easier to incorporate foreign DNA into their interiors. Cells are made competent by a process that uses calcium chloride and heat shock, and cells that are undergoing very rapid growth are made competent more easily than cells in other stages of growth. Factors such as transformation efficiency, genetic markers, and packaging formats will impact the time and effort required for your project, and so too its success. Choose from a number of cell types and formats to ensure optimal function.

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BL21-CodonPlus (DE3)-RIPL Competent Cell 10x0.1mL

Description: BL21-CodonPlus (DE3)-RIPL Competent Cell, contain extra copies of rare E.Coli argU, ileY, leuW, proL tRNA genes which corrects for codon bias & dramatically improve expression of sequence from other organisms, for protein expression, Size: 10x0.1mL
Catalog Number: 76193-370
Supplier: Agilent Technologies

XL2-Blue ultracompetent cells

Catalog Number: ST200150
Supplier: Agilent Technologies


Description: For use with cloning without the F' episome, >= 1e9 transformants/ug 5 x 0.2-ml
Catalog Number: 99900-328
Supplier: Agilent Technologies

ABLE C competent cells

Catalog Number: ST200171
Supplier: Agilent Technologies


XL10-Gold Kanr ultra competent cells

Catalog Number: ST200317
Supplier: Agilent Technologies


Description: 1e8 transformants/ug 5 x 0.2 mL
Catalog Number: 99900-336
Supplier: Agilent Technologies


Description: Optimize your protein expression experiments for full length and high level expression by cloning into our variety pack of BL21 Competent Cells. 1 Kit
Catalog Number: 99900-854
Supplier: Agilent Technologies


Description: Tetracycline Resistant, Chloramphenicol Resistant, Contains: Competent Cells In A High-Throughput Cloning Format >= 1 X 108 Transformants/Ug. 4 Plates.
Catalog Number: 99900-432
Supplier: Agilent Technologies

EletroTen-Blue electroporation-competent cells

Catalog Number: ST200159
Supplier: Agilent Technologies

SCS110 competent cells

Catalog Number: ST200247
Supplier: Agilent Technologies

TG1 electroporation-competent cells

Catalog Number: ST200123
Supplier: Agilent Technologies

BL21-codonplus -RIL competent cells

Catalog Number: ST230240
Supplier: Agilent Technologies

SoloPack gold supercompetent cells

Catalog Number: ST230350
Supplier: Agilent Technologies

BL21-codonplus (DE3)-RP competent cells

Catalog Number: ST230255
Supplier: Agilent Technologies

Competent Cell

Description: BL21-CodonPlus (DE3)-RIL-X Competent Cells, Encodes T7 RNA polymerase under control of the lacUV5 promoter for easy protein expression plus methionine label. Use with pET or pCAL vectors, Used for labeling cells 1 x 10 raise to 7 cfu/ug of supercoiled DNA, Size: 10 x 0.1 ml
Catalog Number: 97066-330
Supplier: Agilent Technologies

XL2-Blue MRF’ ultracompetent cells

Catalog Number: ST200151
Supplier: Agilent Technologies

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