Barnstead Mega-Pure™ Automatic Deionizers, Thermo Scientific

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Barnstead Mega-Pure™ Automatic Deionizers, Thermo Scientific
The model D1 and D2 deionizers are designed to provide reagent-grade water in applications where feedwater is of reasonable purity.

Inorganic removal may be accomplished with the optional high capacity cartridge

Available cartridges include the high purity demineralizer, ultra high capacity demineralizer, and organic removal. The high purity demineralizer removes 1600 grains as NaCl (1370 grains as CaCO3), and features mixed-bed resin for anion-cation removal. The ultra high capacity demineralizer is a multi-layered cartridge ideally suited for demineralizing water before distillation in a water still, and for general laboratory applications requiring ion-free demineralized water. The multi-layered structure allows for removal of 2810 grains as NaCl (2400 grains as CaCO3). The organic removal cartridge removes organic materials from water. This cartridge is designed to pretreat water entering an inorganic cartridge in a dual-cartridge deionizer. Average life with most source water is 6813L (1800gal.). The organic removal cartridge is for use with deionizer model D2 only.

Note: Source water from sodium regenerated pretreatment systems is not acceptable.

Automatic temperature-compensated purity monitor measures resistivity levels continuously. Indicator light tells you when purity levels drop below 50,000 ohm-cm and cartridges need replacing. There are no housings to require cleaning; drain valve systems provide no-mess, automatic draining of cartridges. Liftout design eliminates need for bottom clearance so units can be either wall- or bench-mounted. Units include stainless steel precision needle valve for flow adjustment down to 0.5L/hour, and an on/off source water valve for convenient control of the system. The model D2 deionizer can be used with two cartridges for removal of both organic and inorganic contaminants from feed water of lower purity.

Certificaciones: Deionizers are UL and CSA listed.

Información para pedidos: Supplied without cartridge.
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