VWR® Absorbent Underpads with Waterproof Moisture Barrier

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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VWR® Absorbent Underpads with Waterproof Moisture Barrier
Surface Protectors Bench Protectors
These super absorbent underpads feature a multi-layer, cushioned construction that is breathable yet absorbent enough for hospital and laboratory use.

  • Three-layers of absorbent material
  • Soft white spunbound polypropylene top sheet
  • Super absorbent polymer made of cellulose
  • Sealed on four sides to prevent liquid seepage

These pads are ideal for covering hospital beds and chairs, as well as for use during IV starts and minor surgical procedures

When used as a laboratory bench pad or bench cover, these underpads serve as a protective barrier for labware to prevent breakage and collect spills. Extra large sizes are available, to provide maximum coverage and protection. The backsheets are color-coded. Deluxe pads are more absorbent and thicker with more absorbent celluose fluff than standard pads. Super deluxe pads have an additional super absorbent polymer.

The super absorbent polymer layer channels and blocks fluids in the core for maximum fluid retention while eliminating odors and wicking wetness away from the skin. Pads are cushioned and sealed to prevent leakage.
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