repliQa HiFi ToughMix, Quantabio

Supplier: Quantabio
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repliQa HiFi ToughMix, Quantabio
Nucleic Acid Reagents End-point PCR Enzymes and Kits
Superior speed and inhibitor tolerance.

  • High fidelity with >90× wild type Taq
  • Up to 3× faster PCR results with extension rates as fast as 1 kb/sec
  • Tough tested and tolerant to a wide range of PCR inhibitors
  • Superior sensitivity means higher yields from lower inputs as little as 2 pg
  • Has the ability to amplify long fragments of genomic DNA (+24 kb) and lambda DNA (+40 kb)

The repliQa HiFi ToughMix is a 2×, ready-to-use master mix that contains all the components for high fidelity PCR amplification, including a genetically modified DNA polymerase coupled with hot start antibodies. This unique, next generation master mix provides 90× higher fidelity compared to Taq, while reducing time to PCR results by 2 to 3×. The extreme speed is enabled by extension times as fast as 1 to 10 kb/sec depending on target length. The enzyme is coupled with the industry leading ToughMix which is tolerant to a wide variety of inhibitors making it suitable for routine PCR, cloning, amplicon sequencing and site directed mutagenesis.

This mix also has fast extension times, which significantly shortens time to results. Significantly faster results (up to 3×) with 1 kb/sec extension rate for fragments ≤1 kb with no sacrifice in quality or yield of PCR results.

Tolerant to a wide range of PCR inhibitors, it is able to tolerate a wide range of common PCR inhibitors, such as ethanol, hemoglobin and xylan, allowing for amplification of crude or difficult PCR sample types. Can amplify from crude samples.

It provides higher yield and sensitivity, highlighting the enzyme's high efficiency. Coupled with extreme amplification speed, PCR products are able to be detected earlier and at lower levels. Consistently achieve higher yields across a range of inputs.

It is able to amplify varying levels of GC-content targets (32 to 70% GC-rich), further enabling superior PCR performance with bacterial, plant and mammalian sample types.
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