TNTplus™ Vial Chemistries, Hach

Supplier: Hach
TNT866 TNT828 TNT835 TNT858 TNT848 TNT864 TNT867 TNT865 TNT852 TNT843 TNT880 TNT856 TNT856 TNT868 TNT832 TNT810 TNT827 TNT831 TNT826 TNT846 TNT844 TNT846 TNT845 TNT819 TNT843 TNT878 TNT870 TNT828 TNT811 TNT860 TNT870 TNT854 TNT877 TNT830 TNT839 TNT858 TNT835 TNT836 TNT839 TNT848 TNT832 TNT850 TNT830 TNT836 TNT833 TNT872 TNT850 TNT880 TNT826 TNT825 TNT872 TNT831 TNT852 TNT827
75919-274PK 49.62 USD
75919-274 CA11024-480 75919-320 75919-266 CA11024-898 75919-270 75919-276 75919-272 CA71002-748 75919-328 75919-290 CA11024-902 75919-264 75919-278 CA11014-736 75919-236 75919-314 75919-204 75919-312 CA11016-594 75919-250 75919-254 75919-252 75919-240 CA11024-482 75919-288 75919-280 75919-316 75919-238 75919-268 CA11014-744 75919-262 75919-286 75919-202 CATNT839 CA11016-758 CATNT835 75919-322 75919-324 75919-256 75919-206 CA11014-462 CA11014-732 CA11024-896 75919-318 75919-282 75919-258 CA11024-904 CA11024-894 75919-308 CA11024-484 CA11014-734 75919-260 CA11024-478
TNTplus™ Vial Chemistries, Hach
Environmental Test Kits
TNTplus™ Vial Chemistries offer the quality expected from Hach that is now even easier to use and more accurate than ever.

  • No reagent blank necessary
  • Reduce errors with bar-coded vials and RFID
  • Documented shelf life and COA
  • Safe handling
  • Helpful package design
  • Methods for EPA compliance monitoring

The high quality of TNTplus™ vials, tight reagent production controls, instrument calibration verification, and high instrument stability all combine to eliminate the need to run reagent blanks, saving users time and money. Automatic method detection reduces errors thanks to bar-coded vials. Scratched, flawed, or dirty glassware becomes a non-issue as instrument averages 10 readings and rejects outliers. Safe handling is prioritized, as innovative vial and reagent delivery significantly reduces spillage or contamination risks. New 2D barcode details batch number and expiry date of reagents, which are documented along with the measurement result. An automatic warning is issued if the expiry date has passed. Lot specific information (COA) is available on RFID tag on the box.

Certificaciones: Methods for EPA Compliance Monitoring: Hach TNTplus™ Vial Chemistries for COD (Hach Method 8000), Free and Total Chlorine (SM 4500-Cl G), Chromium VI (SM 3500-Cr B, D), Iron (Hach Method 8008), Ortho- (EPA 365.1) and Total Phosphate (EPA 365.1, 365.3), Ammonia (EPA 350.1), Fluoride (EPA 340.1) and Nitrite (EPA 353.2) are equivalent to the respective method referenced in parentheses under 40 CFR 136.6 for compliance monitoring. Nitrate TNT835 and TNT836 are approved for drinking water monitoring under 40 CFR 141. As with any method used for compliance reporting, consult with a local regulatory authority.

Información para pedidos: TNTplus™ works only with DR 6000™ UV-VIS, DR 3900™ Benchtop, and DR 1900™ Portable spectrophotometers. Cadmium, Copper, Iron, Lead, Nickel TNTplus™ tests determine soluble metal. Order Metals Prep Set TNT890 to determine total metal. Optional sample preparation: TNT 892 calcium preparation set for calcium removal.

Envase: Helpful color-coded package design enables fast and easy parameter and range recognition for the exact test needed. Step-by-step illustrated test methods are printed on each box for quick reference.
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