VWR® Height Adjustable Lab Tables with C-Legs

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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VWR® Height Adjustable Lab Tables with C-Legs
Furniture Tables
Heavy duty laboratory grade C-Frame tables are designed to withstand the high demands of intense laboratory and science use.

  • Light neutral color
  • SEFA chemical resistant finish
  • 24 to 36" adjustable height
  • Single tool installation (included)
  • Metal construction

1200 lbs. capacity

Certificaciones: SEFA table tested.

Información accesorios: Optional heavy duty, laboratory grade, adjustable shelves and uprights (sold separately) feature 200 lbs. capacity, light neutral color, and SEFA chemical resistant finish. Adjustable on 1" increments. Metal top material and construction. Additional accessories are also available.

Información para pedidos: Accessories not included.

Información de suministro: 4 person lifting recommended.

Precaución: Heavy - Four Person Lift.
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