VWR® Atlas Mobile Carts with Standard Casters

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
AMC313076C AMC356036G AMC314836CN-W AMC356036CN AMC353676CN AMC314876C-W AMC314876G AMC317276CN AMC314836G AMC316030C AMC313030C AMC313030CN AMC357230C AMC353076G AMC313036C AMC313636CN AMC316076C AMC353036C AMC313076G AMC317276G AMC316076G AMC356076CN AMC357230CN AMC313636C AMC353676C AMC354876C AMC357276C AMC317236CN AMC314876CN AMC316036C AMC353076C AMC313036CN AMC316076CN-W AMC356036C AMC316036G AMC356076G AMC354836C AMC353636CN AMC354836G AMC313676C AMC354830CN AMC317236C AMC316076CN AMC354876CN AMC353030C AMC313676G AMC354830C AMC313676CN AMC314836CN AMC357236C AMC317230CN AMC353076CN AMC353036CN AMC314830C AMC313036G AMC353636C AMC313636G AMC317230C AMC354836CN AMC357276CN-W AMC313076CN AMC356076C-W AMC357276CN AMC353030CN AMC357236CN AMC314830CN AMC356076C AMC353036G AMC354876C-W AMC356030C AMC357236G AMC314876C AMC357276G AMC353630C AMC353636G AMC356030CN AMC353676G AMC313630CN AMC313630C AMC317236G AMC353630CN AMC354876G AMC317276C AMC316036CN
AMC316076CEA 5525.56 USD
AMC316076C AMC316036G AMC353636C AMC316036C AMC354830CN AMC354876CN AMC353030CN AMC354830C AMC353676C AMC353636G AMC354836CN AMC353676G AMC316076G AMC357276CN-W AMC357276CN AMC314836CN-W AMC357230CN AMC313030CN AMC313076CN AMC313036CN AMC313630C AMC313036C AMC357230C AMC316076CN-W AMC356036C AMC357236CN AMC353030C AMC314876G AMC317236C AMC314836G AMC314876C AMC317236G AMC317276C AMC313076C AMC356036CN AMC313036G AMC356036G AMC356076C AMC317276G AMC313076G AMC356076G AMC353076CN AMC353036CN AMC356030CN AMC316030C AMC354876G AMC353636CN AMC356076CN AMC354876C AMC354836G AMC353630C AMC353630CN AMC354836C AMC356076C-W AMC353676CN AMC316076CN AMC316036CN AMC314836CN AMC354876C-W AMC313676C AMC313636G AMC357276G AMC313636C AMC314830CN AMC357276C AMC357236G AMC317276CN AMC317230CN AMC314876CN AMC353076G AMC317236CN AMC313636CN AMC314830C AMC353076C AMC353036G AMC317230C AMC313630CN AMC353036C AMC314876C-W AMC313676CN AMC357236C AMC356030C AMC313676G AMC313030C
VWR® Atlas Mobile Carts with Standard Casters
Atlas mobile carts with standard casters include two columns with bases, modesty panel and front apron rail, with or without front support.

  • Carts are available in various size and dimensions
  • Equipped with a center leg for added support

Glides are included with carts and are interchangeable with standard casters. In the event casters are replaced with glides, cart height will decrease by 3".
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