VWR® Atlas Mobile Carts with Heavy-Duty Leveling Casters

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
AMC313076HN AMC317230HN AMC314836H AMC357230HN AMC316036HN AMC317236HN-W AMC353036HN AMC356030HN AMC354876HN AMC354876H AMC353636H AMC354836HN AMC313676HN AMC353676HN AMC314876HN AMC314836HN-W AMC356030H AMC353636HN AMC313676H AMC317276H AMC317276HN-W AMC317236HN AMC317236H AMC313036H AMC356076H AMC357276HN AMC356036HN-W AMC313030H AMC314836HN AMC353030H AMC354830H AMC313036HN-W AMC313030HN AMC356036H AMC353676H AMC353630H AMC313636HN-W AMC353030HN AMC357230H AMC316036H AMC313630H AMC353036H AMC316076H AMC353076H AMC313076H AMC317230H AMC356036HN AMC313036HN AMC353076HN AMC357236H AMC317276HN AMC316076HN AMC314830H AMC316030HN AMC316030H AMC316036HN-W AMC314876H AMC313636HN AMC356030H-W AMC357236HN-W AMC357276H AMC316076HN-W AMC357236HN AMC354830H-W AMC314876HN-W AMC314830HN AMC354836H AMC354836HN-W AMC356076HN AMC353630HN AMC313636H AMC313630HN AMC354830HN
AMC356036HN-WEA 5946.14 USD
AMC356036HN-W AMC354830H AMC316036H AMC353636H AMC353676H AMC316076H AMC313636HN AMC354876HN AMC357230H AMC354830HN AMC353030HN AMC356076HN AMC353036HN AMC356036HN AMC354836HN AMC353076HN AMC353030H AMC353636HN AMC314876H AMC354830H-W AMC356030HN AMC314836H AMC353676HN AMC314876HN-W AMC316030HN AMC313076HN AMC357276HN AMC317236H AMC316076HN AMC313030HN AMC316036HN-W AMC357236HN AMC316036HN AMC313036H AMC313036HN AMC317276H AMC356036H AMC357230HN AMC313076H AMC356076H AMC313630H AMC317236HN-W AMC317230HN AMC354876H AMC314836HN AMC317276HN AMC354836H AMC317236HN AMC316030H AMC353630H AMC353630HN AMC357236HN-W AMC313636HN-W AMC313636H AMC357276H AMC313676HN AMC357236H AMC354836HN-W AMC314836HN-W AMC317276HN-W AMC313630HN AMC353076H AMC314830H AMC356030H AMC353036H AMC313030H AMC316076HN-W AMC314876HN AMC313036HN-W AMC317230H AMC314830HN AMC313676H AMC356030H-W
VWR® Atlas Mobile Carts with Heavy-Duty Leveling Casters
Atlas mobile carts with heavy-duty leveling casters include two columns with bases, modesty panel and front apron rail with or without front support.

  • Sturdy, heavy-duty construction

Carts are available in various sizes and dimensions. 72" wide carts with front support are equipped with a center leg for added support.
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