VWR® Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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89403-662EA 22.05 USD
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VWR® Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
The VWR® Inverted Fluorescence Microscope is ideal for applications in biology, cell cytology, genetics, oncology, and immunology, and it is also well suited for research, universities, routine laboratory, and medical demands.

  • Ideal for biology, cell cytology, genetics, oncology, and immunology applications
  • Trinocular Siedentopf tube with 45° inclination
  • One-year warranty on electrical parts
  • Five-year warranty on mechanical parts and optics

The VWR® Inverted Fluorescence Microscope features Siedentopf trinocular tube with a 45° inclination (Light Split = 0/100), Wide Focus PL 10X/22mm high eyepoint eyepiece, side facing quintuple nosepiece, CCIS planachromatic objective PL4X, LWD CCIS planachromatic phase objective Ph10X, LWD PL Ph20X, LWD PL Ph40X, ELWD N.A. 0.30 condenser, centerable phase slider with PH1, PH3, and bright field, phase centering telescope, plain stage equipped with attachable mechanical stage with well plate holders (128X86mm), glass and metal stage inserts, 32mm, 54mm, and 65mm Petri dish holders, eXternally mounted centerable 6V/30W Koehler illumination with intensity control, 45mm blue ground glass and green interference filter, power cord, allen heXagonal key, vinyl dust cover, and universal power supply (100–240V). Complete Epifluorescence attachment includes, Epifluorescence attachment with filter cassette, mercury lamp (100W), lamphouse HBO (100W), collector lens and mercury lamp socket, starter unit HBO (100W), and lamp centering tool. DAPI, FITC, and TRITC filter cubes included.

Certificaciones: C-UL, UL Listed. CSA certified.

Información para pedidos: Microscope is supplied with all accessories listed above. The microscope is also supplied with a one-year warranty on electrical parts, and a five-year warranty on mechanical parts and optics.
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