VWR® Disposable Paper Lab Funnel, Mini Eco

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
89305-304CS 624.34 USD
VWR® Disposable Paper Lab Funnel, Mini Eco
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VWR® disposable paper lab funnels are a simple and cost-effective solution to reduce plastic use in the lab and reduce cross-contamination from reuse of washed funnels.

  • Disposable paper fabrication
  • Spout can be trimmed to any size opening
  • Color: White

They are made of clay-coated paper that meets FDA 21 CFR 176.170 (components of paper in contact with aqueous and fatty foods), and with 2I CFR 176.180 (contact with dry foods) standards and can be used with virtually any powder or cold liquid

These funnels are both Eco-IN and Eco-OUT as they are made of FSC® Certified Mix paper (Eco-IN) and will naturally biodegrade in the standard municipal waste stream (Eco-OUT).

Made in the USA.

They are customizable; the spout can be trimmed to fit the desired opening.

Certificaciones: FSC® Certified.
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