Rovers® EndoCervex-Brush®-S, Therapak®

Supplier: Therapak
89171-028CS 1720.05 USD
Rovers® EndoCervex-Brush®-S, Therapak®
Swabs Swabs for Clinical Use
Based on customer requests and technical needs in relation to the development of the Cervex-Brush® Combi, the EndoCervex-Brush®-S was developed

The technology step was quite significant as the product can be seen as a small version of the EndoCervex-Brush®. The hairs are very tiny and the thin-hair technology was developed by Rovers Medical Devices and has been patented. In relation to the Cervex-Brush® and the EndoCervex-Brush® the EndoCervex-Brush®-S can be positioned easily. The EndoCervex-Brush®-S is a fine soft product that can be turned even under an angle. It does not contain any sharp edges or front end and will therefore cause less bleeding. Contra-indications: The Rovers® EndoCervex-Brush®-S should not be used during pregnancy.
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