Rovers® Cervex-Brush® Combi, Therapak®

Supplier: Therapak
89171-022CS 1177.37 USD
Rovers® Cervex-Brush® Combi, Therapak®
Swabs Swabs for Clinical Use
Rovers Medical Devices has engineered a new Pap smear collection device which combines the important features of the original Cervex-Brush® with the benefits of the EndoCervex-Brush®

The convenient Cervex-Brush® Combi provides doctors and nurses the option of a simultaneous Pap smear collection with a single device insertion. The Cervex-Brush® Combi will collect both ectocervical and endocervical cells from patients. Initial studies with the Cervex-Brush® Combi resulted in favorable collection efficiencies. There were almost twice as many abnormal smears detected when sampling was done using the Cervex-Brush® Combi as with the Cervex-Brush®. The Rovers® Cervex-Brush® Combi should not be used during pregnancy.
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