Rovers® Cervex-Brush®, Therapak®

Supplier: Therapak
89171-020CS 1361.42 USD
Rovers® Cervex-Brush®, Therapak®
Swabs Swabs for Clinical Use
The 20cm long Rovers® Cervex-Brush® is made of polyethylene and contains 57 semi-circular plastic bristles of various lengths

The shape of this device allows the top edges of the brush to follow the contours of the cervix while the longer middle bristles reach the endocervical canal. The shorter bristles touch both the ectocervical area and transformation zone. This device collects cell from the entire required sampling area of the cervex, therefore, it is not necessary to use a spatula in conjunction with this product. The Rovers® Cervex-Brush® can be used for either the conventional Pap smear or in conjunction with the "monolayer prep" process. The Rovers® Cervex-Brush® should not be used during pregnancy.
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