Motic AE2000 Inverted Compound Microscope

Supplier: Motic
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Motic AE2000 Inverted Compound Microscope
The Motic AE2000 Inverted microscope is the ideal instrument for routine live cell inspection in both educational and high-grade professional applications

Motic’s CCIS plan achromatic lenses are engineered with multi-layer coating for improved light transmission, yielding significantly brighter and sharper images. Controls for focus, light intensity, and the optional mechanical stage are easy to reach, allowing uninterrupted viewing during operation. Combining the AE2000 with a Moticam digital camera provides crisp live cell imaging and transforms the AE2000 into a complete analysis and documentation workstation. Designed for routine lab or clinical work, as well as research requirements in pharmaceutical or university laboratories, the AE2000 is ideal for the routine viewing of cell cultures in microbiology, living organisms, and other tissue culture samples.

The AE2000 offers flexibility in live cell imaging with brightfield and phase contrast. Larger culture flasks (up to 180mm) are easily accommodated by removing the lower portion of the condenser from its dovetail mount. Upgrading to LED lighting is easily achieved through a simple plug-in module for additional lighting options.

Información para pedidos: Microscope is supplied with all accessories listed above. Microscope is customizable with various accessories. For all available options, please contact your local Avantor sales representative. All Motic products come with a one-year electrical and five-year mechanical warranty.
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