VWR® Ultra High-Performance Single Channel Pipettors, Variable Volume

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
P3930-2VWR P01111-VH050 P01555-VH050 P01555-VH010 P3930-1000VWR P01111-VH100 P01555-VH100 P3930-SKA3-VWR P01111-VH1K0 P01111-VH200 P01111-VH020 P3930-200VWR P3930-SKC4-VWR P3930-10VWR P01555-VH002 P01555-VH1K0 P3930-SKD5-VWR P01555-VH020 P3930-SKB3-VWR P01555-VH200 P3930-50VWR P01111-VH002 P3930-100VWR P01111-VH010 P3930-20VWR
10769-822EA 489.84 USD
10769-822 10769-864 10769-862 10769-860 10769-828 10769-826 10769-824 89130-558 89130-554 89130-556 89130-552 10769-834 10769-856 89130-560 10769-854 10769-832 10769-852 10769-830 75786-304 10769-858 89130-566 75786-354 89130-562 75788-462 75786-296
VWR® Ultra High-Performance Single Channel Pipettors, Variable Volume
VWR® Ultra High-Performance Pipettors are equipped with a series of ergonomic enhancements not found on traditional pipettor models.

  • Ergonomic, comfortable, and ultra-lightweight
  • Superior accuracy and precision
  • Four-digit volume dial for precision control
  • Universal tip fitting
  • Fully autoclavable

An updated soft-touch plunger system ensures surprisingly light aspiration and dispensing forces, while a levered ejection mechanism is designed to provide smooth and gentle tip ejection

The pipettor handle is constructed of a high-strength polypropylene polymer that combines excellent chemical resistance with thermal properties to permit autoclave sterilization. The handle permits both left- and right-handed use. A four-digit volume dial allows for fine control over volume adjustment and is located on the palm side of the device, facing the user at all times. Pipettors are supplied with a self calibration tool that, in conjunction with a balance, can be used for basic in-lab calibration. Additionally, all pipettors include color-coded identification tabs, a hanging shelf clip, a calibration certificate, and a three-year warranty.

Each starter kit is supplied with the pipette volume listed in the table below, an 8-place carousel stand, and VWR® pipet tips.

The volume adjustment wheel is conveniently located just beneath the plunger button and requires minimal force to select the desired volume. To prevent accidental volume changes, the adjustment wheel can be set to a locked position by pressing it downward.
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