VITLAB® Graduated Pitchers, Polypropylene, BrandTech

Supplier: BrandTech
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83008-772PK 130.99 USD
83008-772 83008-762 83008-740 83008-770 83008-760 83008-776 83008-754 83008-766 83008-774 83008-730 83008-752 83008-742 83008-764 83008-736 83008-758 83008-748 83008-734 83008-778 83008-746 83008-768
VITLAB® Graduated Pitchers, Polypropylene, BrandTech
Made of durable, translucent polypropylene.

  • Pitchers with molded graduations areavailable with or without overprint
  • Nesting pitchers have screened overprint
  • Blue printing provides high contrast with many liquids

Standard graduated pitchers have molded graduations with or without a blue overprint for high legibility. Nesting pitchers conserve bench and storage space and have blue screened graduations for easy, accurate measurements.
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