VWR® 96-Well PCR and Real Time PCR Plates

Supplier: VWR International
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VWR® 96-Well PCR and Real Time PCR Plates
Microplates PCR Plates
Polypropylene PCR plates are compatible with most thermal cyclers and are ideal for high-throughput screening thermocycler applications.

  • Smooth, thin, uniform well walls ensure accurate thermal transfer
  • Wells are slightly raised to accommodate sealing mats, films, and foil
  • Printed alphanumeric labeling simplifies plate and sample identification (raised well plates do not feature printed alphanumeric labels)
  • All plates are autoclavable and certified free of RNase, DNase, and human DNA (lot-by-lot certificates available)

Plates have a working capacity of 200µL per well. They are thin, flexible, and easy to cut. The raised well plates have extra-high wells that can be sealed with strip caps (see 20170-004 and 53509-306 series). Low profile plates feature smaller wells with the same 200µL capacity as other 96-well PCR plates. The half-skirted plates are easy to insert and extract. Skirted plates provide reduced plate distortion during high-throughput screening and sit flat for greater stability.
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