CytoCite™ GR100 Portable Fluorometer, AAT Bioquest

Supplier: AAT Bioquest
76485-018EA 3026.92 USD
CytoCite™ GR100 Portable Fluorometer, AAT Bioquest
Spectrophotometers and Spectrometers Fluorescence Spectrophotometers
The CytoCite™ Fluorometer GR100 is a cloud-integrated, palm-sized fluorometer designed for reading red fluorescence (Ex/Em = 530 nm/620 nm), with a sensitivity limit capable of detecting as little as 1 nM of resorufin, making it highly optimal for running essential quantification assays.

  • High sensitivity
  • Assay sample volumes of as little as 1 µl

Información accesorios: Cytocite™ sample tubes are 500 µl thin-walled polypropylene tubes validated for use with Cytocite or Qubit Fluorometer.

Precaución: For research use only.
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