PD-Tip™ II Precision Dispenser Tips, BrandTech® Scientific, Inc.

Supplier: BrandTech
PD-Tips II
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PD-Tip™ II Precision Dispenser Tips, BrandTech® Scientific, Inc.
Pipet Tips
These dispenser tips fit all repeating pipettes using standard tips, such as BRAND® HandyStep®, Rainin® AutoRep™, Gilson® Repetman® and Eppendorf® 4780.

  • Precision-molded of premium polypropylene and high density polyethylene (PP/LCP for 0.1 ml size)
  • Tip size automatically recognized by BRAND® HandyStep® touch, HandyStep® touch S and HandyStep® electronic pipettes
  • BIO-CERT® sterile tips are free of DNA, RNase, ATP and endotoxin within detectable limits (batch certificate included) to meet the most stringent sample integrity requirements

Available in ten sizes (from 0.1 to 50 ml), both non sterile and BIO-CERT® sterile.

Compatible with most repeater pipettes including the BRAND HandyStep® touch, HandyStep® touch S, HandyStep® S and HandyStep® electronic, Rainin® AutoRep™ E, AutoRep™ S and AutoRep™ M, Gilson® Repetman®, and all other repeating pipettes using standard tips. Tip size is automatically recognized by BRAND® HandyStep® touch, HandyStep® touch S, HandyStep® electronic, Rainin® AutoRep™ E and Gilson® Repetman®.

High quality materials: manufactured entirely from high-quality polyethylene and polypropylene (piston of 0.1 ml tip is liquid crystal polymer-LCP).

*Recent model Eppendorf® Repeater™ instruments feature a proprietary design to preclude their use with tips from other manufacturers.

Certificaciones: BIO-CERT® PD-Tip™ II tips are supplied with batch certificate to document accuracy and precision testing and help simplify ISO/GLP compliance.

Información accesorios: 25 ml and 50 ml PD-Tip™ II dispenser tips require the use of an adapter. One is supplied per box; additional adapters are available non sterile, or BIO-CERT® sterile.

Envase: Non sterile PD-Tip™ II tips are packaged bulk in recyclable packaging. BIO-CERT® tips are individually-wrapped, also in recyclable packaging.
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