sparQ DNA Frag and Library Prep Kit, Quantabio

Supplier: Quantabio
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sparQ DNA Frag and Library Prep Kit, Quantabio
Nucleic Acid Reagents Next Generation Sequencing Reagents
Robust enzymatic fragmentation and consistent results.

  • High quality libraries in 2.5 hours from 1 ng to 1 μg of input DNA
  • Tunable and reproducible fragmentation size range
  • Simple, convenient 2-step workflow with minimal hands-on time
  • Novel chemistry and high-fidelity amplification minimizing bias
  • Superior sequence coverage uniformity and low duplication rate

This kit is optimized for enzymatic fragmentation of DNA and streamlined construction of high-quality libraries for sequencing on Illumina® NGS platforms. Quantabio’s engineered DNA frag and polishing enzymes work in concert to generate fragment sizes that are tunable and reproducible based on reaction time. The DNA fragmentation and polishing reactions are combined in a single step to generate 5'-phosphorylated and 3'-dA-tailed fragments. This minimizes over fragmentation while greatly simplifies the library prep workflow. Subsequent high efficiency ligation of adapters is performed in the same tube without an intervening cleanup step. If library amplification is required, the HiFi PCR master mix and primer mix ensure even amplification with minimal bias. This kit is compatible with single-indexed, or dual-indexed Y-shaped adapters routinely used in library construction.

Tunable and reproducible fragmentation: The sparQ DNA frag and library preparation kit is designed to produce consistent and reproducible fragments that are tunable to application-specific sizes. The fragmentation profile closely resembles Covaris mechanical shearing. Flexible input DNA amounts ranging from 1 ng to 1 μg can be accommodated. The single-tube enzyme mixes fragments DNA and then automatically proceeds to the DNA polishing reaction, thus minimizing potential over fragmentation.

Superior library prep efficiency and yields: The novel and optimized chemistry used in the sparQ frag and library preparation kit coupled with proprietary enzyme mix lead to better sensitivity and higher library yields. PCR-free workflows are enabled for 100 ng of input DNA. For applications requiring amplification, the HiFi PCR master mix and primer mix allow researchers to achieve target concentration with very few cycles thereby reducing PCR-derived artifacts. Ultimately, precious samples can be saved for additional applications when necessary.

Uniform coverage across a wide GC-spectrum: The sparQ chemistry enables high quality library construction with even coverage across a board GC-spectrum including challenging GC- and AT-rich regions. Reproducible and uniform genome coverage is achieved independent of input DNA amounts, comparable to coverage obtained by mechanical shearing workflows. Kit ensures similar total coverage depth for most genomic targets, thus reducing the need for additional sequencing, resulting in less sequencing per sample and lower total sequencing costs.

High quality sequencing metrics with low duplication rates: Excellent sequencing metrics (high mapping percentage and low duplication artifacts) are achieved with the kit, ensuring the greatest return on sequencing investments.
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