VWR® Pure Gum Rubber Stoppers, Solid

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
5--M180 6--M180 2--M180 00-M180 9--M180 12-M180 3--M180 4--M180 8--M180 0--M180 7--M180
59583-260CS 448.84 USD
59583-260 59583-282 59583-329 59583-307 59583-340 59583-409 59583-147 59583-169 59583-205 59583-227 59583-249
VWR® Pure Gum Rubber Stoppers, Solid
Stoppers Rubber Stoppers
These solid, pure gum, amber rubber stoppers contain less free sulfur (max

  • Autoclavable
  • Soft and pliable under normal laboratory use
  • Excellent resilience

Retain their softness and pliability under normal laboratory use. Exhibit excellent resilience; withstand repeated autoclaving. Stoppers are available in whole sizes 00 through 12. Length: 25mm.

0.25%) and are less dense than standard black rubber stoppers with approximately 20% more stoppers per pound.
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