VWR® SG-900 Semiautomatic Switchover Manifolds for Noncorrosive Gases

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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VWR® SG-900 Semiautomatic Switchover Manifolds for Noncorrosive Gases
Gas Regulators
The SG-900 system is designed to prevent the depletion of gas during testing and to eliminate the downtime required to change empty cylinders.

  • Automatic switch to reserve gas cylinder
  • Easy to refill cylinders without interrupting work
  • Chrome-plated brass construction
  • Reverse flow check valves

The manifold will automatically switch gas supply from the primary cylinder to a reserve cylinder when the primary supply is depleted

The manifold is chrome-plated brass. All pigtails have a reverse flow check valve to prevent back flow of gas while changing cylinders. The outlet fitting on the delivery regulator is 0.64 cm (1/4") NPT female pipe.

This occurs when the pressure on the primary gauge drops to approximately 160psi. The switch is completed by turning a lever to designate the reserve cylinder as the now operational primary cylinder. The process may be repeated as often as necessary to maintain smooth and uninterupted testing procedures, and cylinder refills can be accomplished without work stoppage.

Información para pedidos: Manifolds include a delivery pressure regulator, wall bracket, and two 61 cm (24") pigtails with reverse flow check valves (fasteners not included).
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