SP Bel-Art Riteflow® Panel/Bench Mounted Flowmeters, Bel-Art Products, a part of SP

Supplier: Bel-Art
H40406-0020 H40407-0305 H40405-0075 H40406-0010 H40406-0005 H40407-0215 H40404-0030 H40407-0075 H40406-0030 H40405-0035 H40405-0215 H40406-0015 H40406-0025 H40404-0005 H40407-0125 H40404-0020 H40404-0010 H40407-0035
54848-058EA 659.9 USD
54848-058 54848-056 54848-100 54848-066 54848-088 54848-104 54848-094 54848-060 54848-092 54848-070 54848-054 54848-098 54848-086 54848-031 54848-064 54848-096 54848-052 54848-090
SP Bel-Art Riteflow® Panel/Bench Mounted Flowmeters, Bel-Art Products, a part of SP
Flow Meters
Riteflow® flowmeters are ideal for liquid and gas flow measurement, process flows, and for pilot plants.

  • Heavy-walled design
  • Shock-resistant
  • Borosilicate glass construction
  • High chemical resistance

Use to meter carrier gases in chromatography, to indicate and control gases in semiconductor and other manufacturing processes, and for indicating flow rates in pumping systems

Flowtubes are individually formed, fabricated from heavy-walled shock-resistant borosilicate glass. Fabricated frame enclosing the flowtube has a built-in valve for easy-to-set-and-control flowrates. Black anodized aluminum mounting frame accepts various flowtube sizes and features a tube-lock design with a nonrotating adapter for easy and rapid flowtube installation. Magnifying window runs the entire length of scale for easy reading. Useful metering ratios are 10:1 or better. The 150 mm flowmeters may be used with dual float combinations to increase metering ratio to 20:1. Floats for the 65 mm flowmeters must be used separately and result in a 20:1 metering ratio.

Flowmeters with Teflon® fittings are ideal for high chemical resistance and purity when working with corrosives. These units have 1 cm O.D. (3/8") straight glass connectors. Flowmeters with aluminum fittings, designed for economy applications, have hose barbs that accept 8 mm (5/16") to 1 cm (3/8") I.D. tubing. They can also be removed for use with female 3.2 mm (1/8") NPT fittings.

Versatility allows for usage with a wide range of liquids or gases.

Información para pedidos: Choose Teflon® or aluminum mounting fittings. Flowmeters 54848-031, -096, -072 and -060 are each equipped with one glass and one carboloy float. All other flowmeters are equipped with one glass and one stainless steel float.
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