FILTER SAMPLER® Blood Serum Filters, Porex

Supplier: Porex
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FILTER SAMPLER® Blood Serum Filters, Porex
Clinical Diagnostic Systems Clinical sample collection/preparation
Self-contained, disposable devices for filtering fibrin and separating serum and plasma from centrifuged whole blood specimens contained in standard 16, 13, or 10.25mm I.D. evacuated blood collection tubes. Technique reduces second centrifugations, tube labeling, and sample preparation time. With collection tube in vertical position, insert stopper end of the filter sampler at a 45° angle and push gently down to just above clot. Filtered serum or plasma will rise into the barrel for analysis.

Tubes come in standard, IB™ (Ion Barrier), and Instrument Specific™ models. Use the standard models when the filtered serum and plasma can be immediately poured off for analysis. The IB™ models help prevent ionic contamination and pH changes and contain a leak-resistant, one-way valve to permit storage of capped specimens in primary collection tube for up to seven days. A physical gap to be created between the serum/plasma and clot, which prevents backflow into the primary collection tube. Instrument Specific™ models permit direct sampling from primary collection tubes and help eliminate specimen relabeling and add-on products as sample cups and tubes. The standard models can be used with glass collection tubes while the IB™ and Instrument Specific™ models can be used with glass or plastic tubes.
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