VWR® Wafer Box Sealing Tape, Polyethylene

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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89402-996CS 972.62 USD
89402-996 22221-171 11211-928 89501-298 11211-926 11211-924 89133-258 22221-138 11211-934 11211-922 11211-910 22221-169 11211-932 11211-920 11211-930 22221-163 22221-161 22221-112 43300-976 22221-165
VWR® Wafer Box Sealing Tape, Polyethylene
Ideal for packaging and transporting of wafer boxes, this low-density polyethylene tape is low in halogens and leachable chlorides.

  • Metal free adhesive
  • Polyethylene film fabrication
  • Acrylic adhesive minimizes outgassing
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Good conformability

Polyethylene film and acrylic adhesive minimize outgassing and offer good 'clean peel' properties. Offers excellent chemical resistance and good conformability.
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