VWR® General-Purpose Cleanroom Tape, Vinyl

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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75779-612CS 491.54 USD
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VWR® General-Purpose Cleanroom Tape, Vinyl
VWR® General-Purpose Cleanroom Tape is ideal for use in cleanroom maintenance and support areas.

  • Multi-purpose vinyl tape
  • Color-coded for a variety of identification applications
  • 33m (36yd.) length wound on a plastic core

This multi-purpose vinyl tape is ideal for use in cleanroom maintenance and support areas. It is excellent for color coding, sealing, aisle marking, and batching. The matte finish can be written on with a cleanroom pen. Wound on a plastic core.

Información para pedidos: For additional colors and sizes, contact your VWR representative.
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