NEBNext® NGS DNA Library Preparation for Illumina, Kits and Products, New England Biolabs

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NEBNext® NGS DNA Library Preparation for Illumina, Kits and Products, New England Biolabs
Nucleic Acid Reagents Next Generation Sequencing Reagents
The NEBNext Ultra II Q5® Master Mix is a new formulation of Q5 DNA polymerase that has been optimized for robust, high-fidelity amplification of next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries.

  • Fast, streamlined workflow and novel master mixes
  • High yield preparation of high quality libraries
  • Functionally validated by preparation of a library

This new formulation further improves the uniformity of amplification of libraries, including superior performance with GC-rich regions

12-fold higher than that of Pfu DNA Polymerase), resulting in ultra-low error rates. The NEBNext Ultra II Q5 Master Mix is an aptamer-based hot start formulation that allows convenient room temperature reaction set up. The convenient 2X master mix format contains dNTPs, Mg++ and a proprietary buffer. NEBNext Ultra II Q5 Master Mix is also included in the NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina®.

Get more of what you need, with the highest library yields. Use these products to generate high quality libraries even when you have only limited amounts of DNA, with inputs as low as 500 pg (Ultra II). Prepare libraries from ALL of your samples, including GC-rich targets and FFPE DNA samples. Improve yields and quality for target enrichment applications. Save time with streamlined workflows, reduced hands-on time, and automation compatibility.

Q5 High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase is fused to a processivity-enhancing Sso7d domain providing the highest fidelity available (

Certificaciones: In addition to the extensive QCs on individual kit components, all NEBNext kits for Illumina are functionally validated by preparation of a library, followed by Illumina sequencing.

Información para pedidos: Original NEBNext Ultra kits and sets of individual reagents are also available.
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