BRANDplates® Insert System for Cell Culture, BrandTech®

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BRANDplates® Insert System for Cell Culture, BrandTech®
Microplates Insert Plates and Inserts
BRANDplates® Insert System includes a choice of two types of cell culture plates and two types of cell culture inserts for co-culture, migration/invasion assays, chemotaxis assays, and 3D tissue preparation.

  • Inserts with matched plates
  • 24-well design for individual assays
  • Special 6-well design allows exact duplication of external conditions
  • Available with or without inlet openings

Plates are available in 24-well or specialized 6-well formats as non-treated sterile (pureGrade™), or with a cellGrade™ plus surface for enhanced cell culture. The transparent plates conform to ANSI/SLAS Standards 1 and 4, and are specially designed with guided grooves to allow for precise insert fit into each well. A unique feeding port allows for media change without disruption of the insert. The inserts are available as a traditional style or with special inlet channels with PC or PET membranes in 0.4µm, 1µm, 3µm, and 8µm pore sizes. All insert strips measure 13mm in height.

Información para pedidos: The 6-well and 24-well plates are purchased separately from the inserts and are available individually wrapped with lid in packs of 10. The tissue culture inserts are supplied in packs of 48 as 12 strips of 4 divisible inserts.
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