SP Bel-Art Cleanware™ Pipet Rinsing System, Bel-Art Products, a part of SP

Supplier: Bel-Art
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SP Bel-Art Cleanware™ Pipet Rinsing System, Bel-Art Products, a part of SP
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The Cleanware™ Pipet Rinsing System for pipet cleaning and storage has an effective, reliable design that ensures safe, efficient operation.

  • Pipet rinsers provide simple, automated method for rinsing pipets
  • Leakproof pipet jars
  • Minimized danger of siphon stalling
  • Available as a complete system or individual parts

Available in a complete system or as individual components.

Pipet rinsers provide a simple, automatic method for rinsing large numbers of pipets at one time. High level water entry provides an air gap between the maximum water level and the end of the water inlet tube, ensuring safe and efficient operation. The 'tube within a tube' siphoning system assures rapid, complete, and automatic siphoning and refilling over a wide range of inlet water pressures and flow rates. This minimizes the danger of siphon stalling at certain water inflow rates and prevents any possible backflow into the potable water supply in the event of a pressure interruption. Includes a 30.5 cm (12") long piece of 2.5 cm (1") Int.Ø. drain tubing, and 1.5 m (5") of 6.35 mm (¹/₄") Int.Ø. flexible water inlet tubing.

Leakproof, polyethylene pipet jars store and soak pipets, and will withstand all common cleaning solutions at room temperature, including sulfuric acid/dichromate. Pipet Baskets, when filled with pipets, fit into the corresponding size jar. They have cut-out hand grips for easy handling. Gusher holes provide quick drainage when lifted from a soaking jar, and a foam disk on the bottom cushions pipet tips to prevent breakage.
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