BRAND® Dispensette® S Trace Analysis Bottletop Dispensers, BrandTech®

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BRAND® Dispensette® S Trace Analysis Bottletop Dispensers, BrandTech®
Bottle-Top Dispensers
The new Dispensette® S Trace Analysis features many of the same safety and convenience features of the Dispensette® S, but is optimized for the needs of dispensing high purity reagents.

  • Optimized for high purity reagents
  • Wiping seal piston
  • Minimal reagent exposure

Designed to attach directly to a reagent bottle to eliminate poured transfer, the Dispensette® S Trace Analysis features a wiping seal piston to minimize reagent exposure

Instruments feature a sliding pointer, well suited for rapid volume changes from one end of the range to the other. A scalloped inner track allows for easily reproducible settings. The Dispensette® S Trace Analysis is available with or without a recirculation valve that allows easy priming without ‘spitting’ or reagent waste.

Only the high purity materials are in the flowpath; PTFE, ETFE, PCTFE, FEP, and PFA and sapphire for ball valves. Two models are available, one with platinum-iridium valve springs, and one with tantalum valve springs for different chemical compatibility and for different metal ion analysis. After following a field-tested cleaning procedure, metal ions are typically in the low PPB or even PPT range. The platinum-iridium model is also suitable for dispensing hydrofluoric acid. The dispensing cartridge is replaceable.

Información accesorios: Discharge tubes are available separately as accessories. Tubes feature threaded safety caps, and are color coded to match the appropriate Dispensette®. Adjustable length filling tubes require no cutting. Discharge tubes come in standard and fine oricifice tips. Flexible discharge tubes feature 800mm of coiled PTFE tubing with a weighted, textured safety grip.

Información para pedidos: Dispensette® S Trace Analysis bottle-top dispenser with 45mm thread is supplied with performance certificate, telescoping filling tube, recirculation valve and recirculation tube (if specified), valve mounting tool, and three fluoropolymer adapters to fit 28mm, 33mm, and S40mm bottles. Bottle not included.

Precaución: Flexible discharge tubes must never be used with hydrofluoric acid (HF).
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