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VWR Building Blocks Portal

Chemical Structure Search

Accelerate your discovery by reducing your search time and streamlining procurement process complexities with the VWR Building Blocks Portal, powered by eMolecules.

  • Access 650,000 compounds through
  • Sub-structure, similarity or exact search; or use an SD file, SMILES, chemical name, CAS number, MCFD number etc
  • Real time price and availability
  • Rely on our expertise in DOT and DEA compliance
  • Rigorous supplier validation for quality compounds and quick turnaround deliveries

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EasyFinder™ Balance Selector Guide

Our Balance Selector Guide makes it easy to find the right solution for your all of your weighing needs.

  • EasyFinderTM provides an simple way to find a Mettler Toledo balance best matching your needs
  • Our product line includes microbalances, analytical, precision balances as well as portable, jewelry, classroom, pharmacy balances and balances for the hazardous area
  • Easy to navigate filters allow you to identify the perfect balance for you

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VWR Bench Selector

The New VWR 3D Configurator allows you to easily design a lab workstation complete with accessories.

  • Follow four (4) easy steps
  • Configurator walks you through the simple process of selecting a VWR bench
  • Add accessories to build a lab workstation that best meets your needs
  • It has never been easier to design and quote a lab workstation!

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IgGy – VWR’s Antibody Selector

Find your antibodies using IgGy, the Antibody Selector! Quickly find the specific antibody you need from VWR's broad portfolio. VWR offers:

  • Over 350,000 Antibodies
  • Brands you know and trust
  • Choice of Suppliers
  • One easy location

Simply select one or multiple parameters to narrow the antibody offering. With IgGy, the antibodies you need are now only a few clicks away.

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Transfection Reagents Selector

VWR offers transfection reagents for numerous applications, including bioproduction, in vivo work, viral production, DNA and siRNA transfection, CRISPR/Cas 9 and more. While considering a suitable transfection reagent, it is important to identify the cell type and culture conditions. Specialized transfection reagents will address rare cell cultures, neurons, and primary cells are more difficult to manipulate for porous characteristics. VWR also offers products for electroporation and the consumables needed to support the transfection workflow.

The Transfection Selector includes reagents for:

  • a wide range of applications
  • delivery of DNA, RNA, siRNA, miRNA and more
  • hard-to-transfect cells

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Pipette Selector

Begin by using the selector tool to find your perfect pipette, then:

  • Prefer to demonstrate before buying? Complete the form below.
  • Ready to buy? Click on the links to be directed to the ordering page.

Find your perfect pipette

Pipet Tip Selector Guide

VWR's Pipet Tip Selector Guide will quickly lead you to the tip we recommend.

Search by:

  • Your Current Pipettor Brand


  • A Pipet Tip Attribute, such as volume range, sterility, etc.

Select one or multiple parameters to narrow your results. The Selector Guide will instantly return a list of tips that match your needs, from which you can click to find more information and add to your shopping cart. It's that easy!

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Glove Selector Guide

Use the VWR Glove Selector Guide to easily find the right glove solution for your hand protection needs.

  • Search by use, material, size, color, or other desired specifications
  • Browse the VWR Collection and branded options from our supplier partners
  • Includes both sterile and non-sterile options

Simply select your search parameters and the Glove Selector will return options that match.

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