Select the Right Surface for Your ImmunoAssay

Surface Matters

Find valuable information about products relating to passive binding surfaces for biomacromolecules, covalent coupling surfaces for smaller biomolecules, and affinity capture surface for affinity-tagged biomolecules. Our diagnostic solutions benefits from more than 30 years of industry-leading experience in immunoassay plate technology.

Nunc-Immuno™ MicroWell™ 96-Well Plates, Thermo Scientific

Choose from four binding surfaces for reliable and reproducible results in colormetric assays with Thermo Scientific™ Clear Flat-Bottom Immuno Nonsterile 96-Well Plates, which feature Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™, Immulon™ and Microtiter™ clear plates that are ideal for quantitative and qualitative solid phase immunoassays.

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Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Plates and Modules