Reusable Lab Plasticware

Set the standard for quality and superior performance, while protecting your valuable research with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ bottles, carboys and labware. Less likely to break or shatter than glass, Nalgene containers and plastic labware are making your lab a safer place while protecting your valuable work. Nalgene general labware products are available in a wide range of high-quality materials, sizes and configurations to meet your demanding applications. Our portfolio includes: bottles, carboys, beakers, centrifuge tubes, funnels, jugs, jars, and hundreds of additional products to assist you in your research.

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Learn how you can Break the Glass Habit by using Nalgene Reusable Lab Plasticware

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Bottles and Accessories

Nalgene containers are made from a wide variety of plastic types to fit virtually any laboratory application

Carboys, Jugs and Jerricans

Our line of versatile carboys, jugs and jerricans are available in many sizes, configurations and resins to suit your specific application

General Plasticware

Protect your valuable research with plastic labware. Less likely to break or shatter than glass, Nalgene plastic labware makes your lab a safer place

Lab Safety and Organization

Keep your lab organized and your staff safe with our full range of safety and organization products. From bench protectors and lab notebooks to splash shields and waste disposal devices, we'll help you stay clean and neat

Tubing and Accessories

A broad range of materials and options to provide the best performance in your lab applications