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Thermo Scientific Nalgene Syringe Filter Sample Program

The Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Syringe Filters are built to meet your laboratory’s clarification and sterilization needs. They are available in a variety of sizes and membranes for both sterile and non-sterile laboratory applications.

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Product selection

Analytical Test Filter Units and Funnels

When conducting Analytical Filtration in your lab, we understand that particle retention efficiency is critical to your research. Thermo Scientific offers a wide-range of analytical filters including sterile, disposable and reusable filterware.

Filter Membrane Cut Discs

Conduct particulate and microbial analysis with CA or Nylon filter membranes. Available in various forms for water quality work, cold sterilization or sample clean up

Filter Units and Bottletop Filters

Choose the right filter for your application with the broadest offering of filter units and bottle tops. Our product portfolio includes wide membranes for faster flow and certificate of quality in every case

Filtration Accessories

From filter forceps to bubble point testers, our accessories help increase the efficiency and integrity of your Nalgene™ filtration solution

Syringe Filters

Choose from a variety of syringe filter sizes, membranes and housings for both sterile and non-sterile laboratory applications