What value do you put on trust?

For 40 years, researchers have trusted the Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ and Nunc™ portfolio for safe sample storage, even in the harshest cryopreservation conditions. Our Thermo Scientific™ Cryotube™ products are designed, engineered and manufactured with quality in mind. Your samples benefit from our:

  • high purity resins
  • high sterility assurance level
  • strict quality control standards

The result is reliable sample integrity, designed to enable scientists to reach breakthroughs.

Place your samples in the hands of someone you trust - let us be your parachute.

Product selection

Cryogenic Tubes and Vials

Choose internal or external thread caps, a variety of volume sizes from 1 mL up to 5 mL, white patches and graduation marks, and barcoding options.

Cryogenic Racks

Store tubes for automated picking, placing and liquid handling in universal ANSI latch racks compatible with Nunc Cryogenic Vials.

Cryo Boxes

Protect your samples and keep them organized with our plastic or cardboard cryoboxes. Available in various arrays and colors

Cryogenic Tube Freezing and Cooling Containers

Achieve controlled cooling down of cells with the Thermo ScientificTM Mr. FrostyTM Freezing Container or keep samples cool on the benchtop with coolers and chillers.