SureSTART Autosampler Vials and Wellplates

3 distinct performance levels-differentiated by performance and value-make selecting the right Thermo Scientific SureSTART product simple, clear and easy. 

Power to extend your consumables budget 
Realize extra value with built-in bulk discounts - the more you buy, the more you save.

Assured quality, performance, and compatibility
Suitable for all current HPLC/UHPLC or GC instrument brands. With over 40 years of experience supplying vial and well plates, SureSTART certified products meet ‘critical to quality’ specifications, consistently. 

We’ve got you covered - from incorporating our innovative patented products that minimize sample evaporation, to the curated selection ensuring sample security and low compound adsorption, you can meet your regulatory requirements with ease. 

Explore SureSTART Sample Handling Solutions: 

5 Reasons Why SureSTART

Delivering a new level of performance, reproducibility and accuracy of results

Performance level 1: Everyday analysis, Chromatography approved

Suitable for QA/QC applications using core detectors, non-MS.:UV/Vis, PDA, RI, ELSD, FLD, FID, NPD, ECD, TCD, or FPD.

Performance level 2: High-throughput analysis, When robustness and reproducibility are key

Suitable for routine QA/QC applications using MS tech. Compound concentrations are at easily detectable or low levels of detection.

Performance level 3: High performance, When sensitivity is a must

Suitable for challenging and research-focused applications, using MS tech. Compound concentrations are at/near the method detection limit.