Quality Products from Sheldon Manufacturing

Sheldon Manufacturing provides a variety of innovative equipment for life science, pharmaceutical, biomedical, environmental, and industrial applications. Products include incubators, ovens, water and bead baths, and anaerobic chambers. Sheldon Manufacturing markets a complete line of products under the SHEL LAB and BACTRON brands designed to fit your needs.

Microbiological Incubators

Designed for simplicity and durability, SHEL LAB Microbiological Incubators withstand constant use without losing atmospheric control.

B.O.D. Thermoelectric Cooled Incubators

SHEL LAB refrigerated incubators excel at biological oxygen demand (B.O.D) applications.

BACTRON Anaerobic Chambers

Anaerobic chambers are designed to control atmospheric conditions to protect materials sensitive to oxygen or fulfill special contamination needs.

Forced Air High Performance Ovens

SHEL LAB Horizontal airflow ensures uniform heating profiles and powerful heating elements provide fast heat-up and recovery to ensure rapid drying

BACTRON Anaerobic Chambers

BACTRON chambers are total anaerobic process workstations. Samples can be prepared, cultured, and inspected in the oxygen-free chamber and standard incubator. Unlike anaerobic jars and bags, which unavoidably expose samples to oxygen, BACTRON units provide complete anaerobic environments for all your applications.

  • Ergonomic arm ports provide a comfortable work space
  • Integraded vacuum pump for quieter operation
  • 60% faster airlock cycle with 3,4 or 5 auto cycle iterations
  • Auto-sleeve cycle with integrated HEPA filter, 40% faster sleeve cycle
  • Low gas supply audible and visual alarm
  • Single button auto-commissioning

BACTRON Anaerobic Chamber, 300 Plate Capacity

BACTRON300 delivers optimum productivity in a compact space.

BACTRON Anaerobic Chamber, 600 Plate Capacity

BACTRON chambers allow efficient and dexterous, glove-free handling and inspection of samples.

BACTRON Anaerobic Chamber, 900 Plate Capacity

With anaerobic chambers, productivity is further improved by an up to 50% reduction in sample turnaround time.

BactronEZ Anaerobic Chamber, Compact, 300 Plate Capacity

The BactronEZ is an ideal first anaerobic chamber or replacement chamber for users who desire to upgrade their existing chamber.