Kimble Tubes

For the largest and most diverse offerings of laboratory tube products, look no further than Kimble®. From highly technical engineered and produced NMR tubes, to the basic disposable tubes that every lab needs, Kimble® has it covered. Our tube selection serves such applications and markets such as blood collection and typing, centrifuge applications, color comparison and many others and also features a broad selection of sizes and accessories.

Product selection

Disposable Culture Tubes

Be assured that Kimble® DCT’s bring the highest quality glass and workmanship along with the widest range of styles available to your lab.

NMR Tubes

Kimble provides superior quality NMR tubes to the marketplace for over 40 years now.

Centrifuge Tubes

From disposable glass centrifuge tubes, to high strength tubes, to oil centrifuge tubes for the petrochemical market, Kimble® offers a full selection of high quality products to meet your centrifuge needs.