Kimble Pipettes

Whether you are transferring or delivering precise liquid samples, Kimble® has a pipet that will meet your needs. Accuracy and consistency are mainstays of all our pipet varieties. Kimble® offers micro capillary pipets as small as 0.5 μL up to 200 mL volumetric and transfer pipets. Our volumetric pipets are industry standards with unparalleled accuracy, and we have many styles of application specific pipets such as bacteriological, serological and measuring pipets. Reusable, disposable and sterile versions are standard, stocked items. Look no further, Kimble® has the pipet you need.

Product selection

Serological Pipettes

Glass, To Deliver, Plugged, Sterile, Non-Pyrogenic, Canister Pack, Color-Coded Pipets ave a uniform pulled tip and are clean, plugged, sterile and ready for use.

Volumetric Pipettes

Volumetric pipets are ideal for measuring accurate volumes of liquids.

Pasteur Pipettes

Controlled Drop pipets deliver at a rate of 22-26 drops per mL. Intended for use with blood typing and cross-matching procedures in blood bank laboratories.