Laboratory Cold Storage & Cooling Equipment & Supplies

Avantor’s laboratory cold storage equipment is designed and manufactured to provide dependable storage and outstanding temperature stability for your valuable samples, reagents, and materials.

Product selection

Cryogenic Tanks

Avantor’s laboratory cold storage equipment offerings include cryogenic tanks, which are designed for efficient and safe handling of liquid nitrogen and biological specimens.

Cryogenic Vials

Laboratory cold storage supplies like cryogenic vials enable safe storage and transportation of cells, blood, serum and other specimens because the vials can withstand low temperatures.


Avantor’s full-size,countertop and under-counter freezers provide reliable performance, temperature stability and long-term cold storage protection for scientific and medical materials and other lab applications.


Avantor’s portfolio of laboratory cold storage equipment includes a wide variety of laboratory refrigerators for various size and storage requirements -- ranging from triple-wide upright models to short, space-saving under-counter units.